6 Reasons to choose Altapower Industries...


Flexible solutions to your switchboard requirements


Our reliability, competitive prices and modern equipment allow us to handle a wide range of switchboard applications, providing the best solutions to your requirements. We supply switchboards to all states of Australia and have a full understanding of Supply Authority requirements and local service and installation rules.


Our long experience in the industry


The collective knowledge of our team equals over 40 years of experience specifically in the electrical industry. Our skilled tradespeople are able to carry out all types of power and control wiring, using up-to-date methods of installation to ensure quality and reliability.


We take the time to understand your needs


We can help you determine the best approach on a given project and offer a number of design options. The result? A carefully planned and designed product which saves the customer time and assists with easy installation.


We provide assistance


From design to construction and installation we can:

  • Issue free quotations, including on-site assistance with basic design for quotation purposes

  • Supply CAD drawings for general arrangement and wiring if required

  • Deliver after sales service as needed


We care about quality


Altapower products are designed for problem-free installation and service. We only offer the highest standards and best value products and services.


We are customer driven


We value input from our customers and are committed to implementing your needs. Making sure that you are always satisfied with both our product and our service  is our most important priority. Our staff regard customer satisfaction as a goal achievement.

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